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Enhancing the Quality and efficiency of Your Ethics Review Process


High quality, efficient and technology-driven review of research protocols is what current Research Ethics Committees (RECs) need to remain compliant to the demand of the 21st century "digital" researchers. RHInnO Ethics provides a one stop shop which enables administrators, researchers and reviewers to comprehensively manage the entire review cycle, including protocol submission, reviewing protocols, approval and follow-up through an online platform.


Ability for REC administrators to customize: Using a list of standard questions, administrator will be able to select specific questions and generate a default questionnaires suitable for the needs and expectations of their individual institutions

Proof of entitlement

REC administrators will now be able to vet researchers for legibility before authorizing them to make submission to their RECs. This will avoid receiving submissions from unauthorized researchers who do not belong or have no affiliation to the institutions they submit

Monitoring of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs)

RECs will be able to effectively monitor clinical trials through reporting of SAEs and perform other pharmacovigilance functionalities

What does RHInnO Ethics do?

For Researchers, RHInnO Ethics can:
  • Submit your protocol and support documents online.
  • Track the progress of your protocol.
  • Receive automated notifications on the status of your protocol.
  • Access reviewers' comments online.
  • Access institutional resources such as templates and policy guidelines electronically.
For Administrators, RHInnO Ethics can:
  • Receive notifications when new protocols are submitted.
  • Coordinate the beginning and end of a review cycle electronically (cycle management).
  • Conduct a quick appraisal of protocols before sending to reviewers (internal review).
  • Invite reviewers to review protocols electronically.
  • Collate reviewers' comments electronically and send to researchers.
  • Monitor progress of protocol review online and alert reviewers of delays.
For Ethics Reviewers, RHInnO Ethics can:
  • Receive and accept/decline invitations to review protocols electronically.
  • Access assigned protocols and supporting documents electronically.
  • Comment on assigned protocols and send your review report to the administrator electronically.
  • Access available guidelines and policies for RECs electronically.

What is new?

in Version 2.0

Enhanced Dashboard Interface (performance management & metrics).
Finance Management (automated invoicing & reporting).
Communication portal between RECs and IRBs.
Real-time notification center of national regulatory updates.
Monitoring of Serious Adverse Events.
Automated Letter Generation (improved efficiencies).
Digital Committee Platform (paperless meetings).

What functionalities RHInnO Ethics have?

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